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Planned Maintenance and Conservation Advice.

Historic Buildings

Requirement to review condition of large country estate in North Devon and provide a Maintenance Plan for estate use. 

Review of main mansion and other estate buildings and the production of a 20 year Planned Maintenance Programme, including repair advice and budgetary costings with a facility to add and vary data through its lifecycle.

Developers and Investors

Condition Surveys Derelict Barn Complex Tonedale Mill Dilapidation Survey Party Wall Matters Planned Maintenance Programs

Specialist advice for those owning or purchasing property.

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Commercial Occupiers

Condition Surveys Condition Surveys Shedules of Dilapidations Fire Reinstatement Defect Analysis

Specialist advice for Commercial Occupiers.

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Residential Services

Pre-acquisition Condition Surveys Refurbishment and Design Contract Administration Reinstatement Valuation New Build and Design

Specialist advice for Residential Services.

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Historic Buildings & Estates

Condition Survey Conservation Services On-going Conservation Commissions Planned Maintenance and Conservation Advice

Specialist advice for those owning or purchasing Historic Buildings or Estates.

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