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Inaccessible due to venomous spiders!

Posted on June 27, 2014 by Forde George

Well that’s the question: can a chartered building surveyor exclude an otherwise limited but accessible floor or roof void where there is a concern over the possible presence of venomous spiders or where these are even seen? It’s not unusual for a surveyor to exclude an area from inspection if access if difficult or unsafe. To date Forde George are unaware of any case law finding dangerous wildlife as a reasonable excuse. In terms of spiders there is perhaps a candidate, namely the much maligned and now infamous ‘False Widow’.
A recent Building survey revealed numerous examples of sinister looking chaps photographed below – Friend or Foe? These subsequently identified (almost conclusively) by the British Arachnological Society as harmless Cave Spiders; the BAS also reassured us of the False Widows relatively benign disposition.

For a more informed view on false Widows, the BAS website can be found here

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