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The Importance Of Contracts And Professional Assistance

Posted on October 6, 2015 by Forde George

The steady stream of property improvement programs on television has led to an increasing number of homeowners electing to act as Project Manager on domestic improvement and even new build schemes. Unfortunately, TV shows often do not give a true representation of the potential complexity of managing a project and the importance of documentation on which a Contractor’s order should be based. It is not uncommon for Forde George to be contacted by parties in potential dispute where the “contract” comprises a single letter with description and a single price. The apparent cost saving in avoiding professional assistance is often significantly outweighed by the extract cost of the Client’s own time and necessary variations to the contract.

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Expert Witness And Disputes

Posted on September 8, 2015 by Forde George

The RICS provides advice on dispute resolution, including arbitration and Chartered Building Surveyors acting as Expert Witness. The Directors of Forde George are often instructed to act as an Expert Witness, increasingly at an early stage in the life of a dispute.

The RICS protocols for Expert Witnesses and the Civil Procedure Rules set out protocols and requirements for the Expert and for those instructing: the Expert being appointed on behalf of the Courts, providing impartial advice to the Court rather than to either party within the dispute. This is often a matter misconstrued by the instructing parties.

In such circumstances, Forde George emphasize the importance of establishing whether there is a need for an advocate report, acting for the appointing party or whether indeed Court action will result, in which case ideally making an application to Court for an Expert Witness to be appointed. An inappropriately worded, premature report could compromise the appointing party if the appropriate legislative guidance is not observed.

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Building Regulation Update

Posted on April 9, 2013 by Forde George

Not such a fascinating day..

More Building Regulation Updates:

Regulation P (Electrical Safety) is being amended to reduce the type and area of work that requires notification to a Building Control Body…..Regulation K, M and N will be rationalised and reorganised so that the ambiguities between them are removed. There is to be a new “Super” Regulation K which will incorporate stairs and ramps from Regulation M and all of Regulation N…..Regulation B (Fire Safety) is amended to include European standards and further guidance on the type and placement of roof lights…..Regulation L (Conservation of Fuel and Power) is being amended in October of this year. One of the changes coming into force on the 9th July 2013 is a requirement for the Applicant to have considered design options for High Efficient alternatives for new buildings. A statement to this effect will therefore have to accompany any new Building Regulation application. Details of the main changes to Regulation L will be posted at a later date.

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