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Building Surveys – Horses For Courses

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Forde George

Forde George are often approached by prospective purchasers who have not acquired a property for some considerable time and are unaware of the types of surveys available.

The RICS promotes a number of survey alternatives which, whilst consistent in the degree of survey, do vary in respect of the extent and detail of reporting. The basic mortgage valuation, instigated by a lender, is an assessment of their risk should the purchaser default on mortgage payments. This would be fairly limited in the survey detail and reporting.

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Is Dampness In Buildings Always An Issue?

Posted on August 25, 2015 by Forde George

This is an issue which is invariably dealt with in detail within our residential Full Building Survey and in particular in respect of Listed or historic buildings. Dampness within modern commercial or residential buildings is relatively straightforward and usually due to specific internal or external defects, an item for a different discussion.

Dampness levels in older traditional buildings is more complex and, to some degree, subjective, dependent largely upon the ability of the owner to manage the dampness and emotionally cope with its presence.

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Due Diligence For Tenants

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Forde George

Whilst Commercial Landlords are generally well versed in the matters of property acquisition and management, this is often the last thing on the minds of Tenants taking a lease of new premises. They often overlook the importance of assessing the building’s condition prior to accepting potentially onerous repairing responsibilities, this never more critical than at the end of the lease or at a breakpoint within the lease period. At Forde George building surveyors devon, we often see Tenants poorly represented when leaving premises or attempting to break a lease, being faced with substantial dilapidation claims or the risk of breech of covenants preventing the lease break.

It is therefore essential to appoint a Chartered Building Surveyor to not only review the condition of the building, but also assess the Tenants repairing obligations, highlighting any potentially onerous Covenants. Our experienced building chartered surveyors at Forde George can also assist in limiting Tenants exposure to dilapidation claims by highlighting issues, negotiating responsibilities out of the lease or preparing Schedules of Condition.

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